I graduated from the American Institute of Medical and Dental Technology. I have 18 + years experience as a Medical Assistant, Medical Receptionist, Surgery Scheduler and a Cystometrogram Technician specializing in urology and gynecology.

I have 4 daughters that I love spending time going to the movies with, shopping and doing all the girly things little girls like to do. I have a passion for fishing and go whenever I possibly can. I also have a dog named Clover who things she is the queen of the castle.

I have a heart for helping people and love working in the medical field. I have a big interest in Functional Medicine because, over the years, I have seen patients just given a pill to help with the symptom, but that is basically just a band-aid.  Here at The Healthy Living we figure out what the root cause of the symptom is and start the healing process.